Vertex 70 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

FTIRBruker Optics’ Vertex 70 is a fully digital FTIR spectrometer with easy to use OPUSTM and OPUSLabTM software ready to meet project needs for demanding R&D applications. It has a large sample compartment that can accommodate almost any FTIR sampling accessory. In addition, it is equipped with a high throughput screening extension (HTS-XT) that permits continuous 24 hour operation, capable of analyzing more than 5,000 samples a day without operator intervention.
Bruker Optics: Vertex 70


  • Analysis of biological fluids
  • Characterization of polymers and drugs
  • Characterization of thinfilm materials
  • Identification of microorganisms (fungi and bacteria down to strain level)

Property Determination

  • Functional group analysis
  • Organic contamination determination
  • Vibrational structure determination which can yield physical structure


  • 5 beam exit ports
  • 96-position silicon wafer for mid-IR transmission experiments
  • Dry nitrogen purged cabinet to minimize water and CO2 interference

High resolution of 0.16cm-1