4000 Q-Trap Liquid Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer

LCMSApplied Biosystems’ 4000 Q TRAP LCMS/MS System is a premier hybrid triple quadrupole/linear ion trap mass spectrometer. The unit combines true triple quadrupole scan modes with sensitive ion trap scans in a single LC/MS/MS run. With the 4000 Q Trap researchers can achieve results that previously required multiple analyses on multiple MS platforms. The 4000 Q TRAP is ideal for chemical structure elucidation including protein identification.


  • High-sensitivity full-scan MS, MS/MS, and MS3 with high-selectivity from true triple quadrupole precursor ion (PI) and neutral loss (NL) scans
  • Identify and sequence post-translationally modified (PTM) peptides automatically in a single LC/MS/MS run
  • M/Z of 5 to 2800 in Q1/Q3 RF/DC mode
  • M/Z of 50 to 2800 in linear ion trap mode
  • Unique MIDASTM workflow enables high throughput validation and quantization of protein biomarkers discovered through genomic or proteomic experiments
  • urboIonSpray® probe flow rate range: 5–3000 µL/min
  • APCI probe flow rate range: 200–3000 µL/min
  • Mass range: m/z of 5–2800 in MS mode, m/z of 50–2800 in LIT mode