400 MHz NMR Spectrometer with solid state capabilities

NMRJEOL’s ECA Series Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectrometer is a high performance, research grade, 5mm standard probe system capable of probing nuclei (N15-P31) with resonance frequencies between 40MHz and 162MHz at a field strength of 9.4Tesla. Commonly probed nuclei include Hydrogen, Carbon, Fluorine and Silicon. The ECA NMR also has solid state capabilities. NMR spectroscopy is an excellent nondestructive analytical tool used for chemical structure elucidation and functional group analysis of liquids and solids. NMR can also be used to study bonding connectivity and orientation through space connectivity (Overhauser Effect), as well as, determination of polymer structure. DNA, peptide and enzyme sequence and structure determination is also possible.

Liquid-State NMR

  • Various 1D and 2D experiments
  • Probe nuclei from N15 to P31

Solid-State NMR

  • 1D proton single pulsed
  • 1D proton echo
  • 13C CPMAS
  • 13C single pulsed with decoupling
  • 13C echo with decoupling
  • 29Si CPMAS
  • 29Si single pulsed with decoupling


  • 24 sample auto changer for high throughput experimentation
  • Perform variable temperature experiments between -100 °C to 150°C
  • Easy to use Microsoft Windows-run Delta Software with comprehensive 1D, 2D & 3D NMR software package. Includes high pass filter, COSY symmetry filter, MEM, BLIP, and Hilbert transform data processing algorithms.