XD7600NT X-ray Imaging System

XISDAGE Precision Industries’ XD7600NT X-ray Imaging System is a state-of-the-art inspection tool with submicron feature recognition.

X-ray inspection is a critical component in surface mount technology (SMT) and chip scale packaging (CSP). X-ray inspection for SMT processes include solder joints, BGA placement, and solder bridging, while inspection for CSP processes include examination of wire bond connections and wire shorts.


  • Anthropolgy: fossil examination
  • Electronics: examination of mounted and packaged electronic parts
  • Engineering: examination of manufactured parts
  • Geology: electron density variation in rock specimen
  • Zoology: examination of skeletal structures of deceased animals


  • 250nm (0.25 micron) feature recognition
  • 2-Mpixel images with > 65,000 grayscale levels
  • Automatic BGA and die-void measurements
  • Comprehensive data logging and reporting facilities
  • Enhanced automated inspection routines
  • Uninterrupted rotating live oblique views 300 degrees around any point in the sample
  • Up to 70 degree oblique angle views over the entire inspection area

Example Images