A variety of instrumentation facilities on the North Dakota State University campus provide services to both on- and off-campus partners. Locate additional instrumentation and expertise through these facilities at NDSU.

Tracker IconIn addition, a Web-Based Software Suite to Manage and Operate Laboratory Equipment is available for licensing through the NDSU Research Foundation. This software package schedules and tracks lab equipment and instrumentation, provides built-in security functions and generates reports and financial records when implemented by your lab facility.

NDSU Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering

Bioactive Materials Research Laboratory (BMRL)

Combinatorial Materials Research Laboratory (CMRL)

Electronics Design and Testing Equipment

Electronics Testing, Inspection and Imaging Equipment

NDSU Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department

Equipment Facilities

NDSU Coatings and Polymeric Materials Department


NDSU Electron Microscopy Center


NDSU Wet Ecosystem Research Group

Laboratory Facilities