Steps to a Potential Partnership With MCAL:

Analytical work by MCAL for Off-Campus Academic or Private Sector Parties may be accepted by MCAL provided that:

  • there is time available on MCAL instrumentation
  • there is not an equivalent research service or capability offered by a regional for-profit company at a lower rate

1. Contact MCAL to discuss the analytical work you would like MCAL to perform OR fill out and submit an MCAL Request for Service Form.

2. If a partnership is deemed feasible by NDSU, a standardized NDSU-RCATT Engineering Activities Agreement (EAA) defining the terms and conditions of the partnership must be signed by authorized representatives of the parties, prior to any work being done by MCAL.The EAA is in lieu of any purchase order or other document provided by the party requesting the services of MCAL; no other terms or conditions other than the EAA will be accepted.

3. Once the EAA is executed, a statement of work and quote will be generated by MCAL defining the project scope, budget, and timelines to complete the work.

4. Work may begin after a formal quote, containing the statement of work and budget summary, is signed by authorized representatives of the parties.