Steps to a Potential Partnership With MCAL:

Faculty, staff and students from NDSU Departments are invited to use MCAL instrumentation provided:

  • there is time available on an instrument
  • appropriate safety and instrument training are completed
  • a liability form is signed by NDSU users in advance of the scheduled work. Only those NDSU personnel who received prior approval by MCAL are permitted to run their own samples on MCAL instrumentation.

1. Contact MCAL to discuss the analytical work you would like MCAL to perform OR fill out and submit an MCAL Request for Service Form.

2. If MCAL determines that the facility can assist you, then a quote will be prepared by the MCAL Manager outlining costs associated with the requested work. To request such work, email the MCAL Manager with:

  • Name of Requestor
  • NDSU Department
  • Name of Advisor
  • Administrative Contact
  • Valid Fund or Project Number
  • Brief description of the analytical work you would like performed by MCAL
  • Number of samples you plan to submit.

This information is required and must be supplied and approved by the MCAL Manager prior to MCAL beginning any work.

3. Based on the project scope and number of samples to be analyzed, the MCAL Manager will determine if tests or measurements will be performed by MCAL staff or if individuals requesting the work should be formally trained on MCAL instrumentation. NDSU employees are eligible to use MCAL instrumentation independently, but only if approved in writing by CNSE's Director and MCAL's Manager. If applicable, building access for the sole purpose of MCAL-authorized NDSU personnel using the MCAL instrumentation may be approved at the discretion of CNSE's Director. The Director of CNSE reserves the right to restrict or revoke access by NDSU personnel to the CNSE building and MCAL equipment at the Director's sole discretion.

4. Work will only begin after a formal quotation is signed by the Requestor's Advisor, by an appropriate Administrative Contact from the Requestor's department, and by the MCAL Manager. For billing purposes, a valid fund or project number, which will be highlighted on the formal quote, must also be provided by an appropriate Administrative Contact from the Requestor's Department.