Hard Coatings

The North Dakota State University Hard Coatings effort is a focused group of individuals actively developing technology solutions for wear/corrosion problems defined with our partners. Comprised of NDSU scientists with private sector experience, the Hard Coatings team evaluates materials and processes in terms of performance, manufacturability, reliability and cost. Each project begins with a thorough review of the literature (i.e., patent and open) to establish background understanding of two items:

  1. The specifics of the wear/corrosion issue
  2. The previous approaches aimed at addressing these limitations

During the execution of the project, designed experiments guide the coatings development process, and the team employs modern metallurgical and materials science analytic techniques using facilities located throughout the NDSU campus. NDSU students play a key role with Hard Coatings-specific tribology testing located in Research 2 (Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering) and Dolve Hall (Mechanical Engineering Department).