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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose NDSU for engineering?

NDSU offers a wide variety of academic programs in engineering: 6 departments to choose from within the College of Engineering that encourages collaboration across disciplines which allows for multidisciplinary study and research options.

Hands-on learning: Throughout your time here at NDSU, your classroom learning will be enhanced by extensive hands-on opportunities. Students are engaged in their labs, studios, team-based class projects, and extra-curricular activities.

High quality education: The College of Engineering offers ABET accredited degrees in eight different engineering disciplines and an ACCE accredited degree in Construction Management. Many employers who recruit here comment on how well prepared our graduates are to “hit the ground running” when they start their full-time jobs. Employers are also impressed with the work ethic of our graduates that carries over into their places of employment.

Affordable and value for your money: Visit our Office of Admission for the estimated costs.

Campus size: NDSU’s campus is not so big that you end up being just another number in a crowd. Many students comment about how much they appreciate the size of campus. They value the small campus feel along with the activities and amenities of a much larger campus.

Class size: As a freshman, your entry-level classes may vary in size from 20 to 100+ students. Your upper-level engineering courses may range from 15 to 35 students which provides students with more individualized attention from the instructor.

What suggestions do you have to help a student determine if engineering is for them?

There are many sources of information available to students trying to determine if engineering is for them. Prospective students should think about their strengths, interests, and values to see if they align with a career in one these disciplines. Talk to your high school counselor and individuals who work in the field to what you can about the career path. The internet is an excellent source for information as well. Check out these sites:

What if I am not 100% sure which area of engineering I want to go into?

Students who have not yet determined what area of engineering they want to focus on may decide to enroll in the general engineering program. The purpose of the general engineering program is to give new students the opportunity to become better acquainted with the engineering profession and its various disciplines, and to prepare them academically for entry into a specific engineering curriculum. Students who are at the exploring stage are encouraged to enroll in Introduction to Engineering (Engr 111). This 1 credit course will expose students to all areas of engineering offered at NDSU and is designed to help students determine which area is the best fit for them.

What are the admission requirements for NDSU?

To learn all about the admission process, requirements, costs, deadlines, etc., visit the NDSU Office of Admission website at

How do my AP Credits and Credits by Examination transfer into NDSU?

Where can I read course descriptions for the different courses I will be registering for?


Will I have an advisor to meet with periodically?

Yes, all students are assigned an academic advisor who will help them choose classes and serve as a campus resource.

Are there opportunities for freshmen to get involved with activities outside the classroom?

Most definitely! Students are encouraged to get involved as early as possible. There are 30 clubs/organizations within the College of Engineering and over 250 campus wide. Freshmen will learn about the meeting dates/times through email, fliers, and classroom presentations. Getting involved early during your college career is a great way to meet students with similar interests, get to know your instructors, and individuals working in industry.

Are internships available to students who wish to get hands-on experience?

Internships/Co-ops are an excellent way to test your major and career direction. Engineering students are encouraged to participate in one or more over the course of their college years. Depending upon the needs of the employer and the skill set of the student, internships are available to all students who meet the program requirements.

If I need assistance with my coursework, is there assistance available?

For undergraduate students looking for assistance with their courses, the ACE Tutoring Center is available at no charge. Students visit ACE to get help with homework, tips on studying for an exam, or strategies for taking notes.


Do I need my own computer?

Students are not required to have their own computers; however, many bring one for the convenience of having one in their room. There are many computer labs scattered across campus. Additionally, each of the departments has a lab where you will have access to the different technical applications used for your engineering courses.

For more information, download our PDF.

Can students work part-time while going to school?

Choosing to attend college is a big financial commitment and each student should plan ahead for the expenses that they will incur. For some students, working part-time may be part of the plan to finance their education. What students need to remember, however, is that the engineering path may require extra time for homework, group projects and lab assignments. We encourage students to get adjusted to the new freedoms of college life and make sure that they have developed good time management and study habits before committing to part-time job. A rule of thumb to follow is that a student should not plan on working over 10 hours per week if they plan on attending school full-time (12+ credits).

How will I know which math class to sign up for?

Before registering for classes, incoming students will take the Math Placement Exam to determine the appropriate Math course. For more information, visit the Math Department website.

What are NDSU’s foreign language requirements?

NDSU students are not required to enroll in foreign language courses. Students who have an interest in taking a foreign language class may do so as part of their General Education requirements.

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