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  1. Welcome summer undergraduate researchers! Razia Dawlaty (NDSU), Alyssa Hahn (Cornell College), Carter Hruby (NDSU), and Michael Mann (NDSU) will be performing summer research in the Colbert Lab. Good Luck with your experiments!;
  2. Welcome to Elli Austin! Elli will be volunteering in the lab for the next 1 year to gain experience in structure biology before entering graduate school in Fall 2013.
  3. Dr. Colbert will attend the Neutron Scattering in Structure Biology Symposium at Oak Ridge Nation Laboratory June 4-8th.
  4. Dr. Colbert will attend the Gordon Research Conference on Fe-S Enzymes June 10th-15th.
  5. Jaime will attend the NMRViewJ workshop at the University of Maryland June 20-22nd to be trained by the world's experts on handling NMR data.
  6. Jaime will attend the 2012 NIH, NIGMS Fourth Biennial National IDeA Symposium of Biomedical Research Excellence (NISBRE) June 25-27th where she will present her work dealing with bacterial iron import. 











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