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What is complexity?

Complexity is an emergent perspective for understanding organizational reality. As a more sophisticated systems lens, using complexity to look at organizations means viewing organizational movement as non-linear, making decisions based on the best option available, and adapting to make sense of the movement. The complexity perspective considers how reality is co-created by all organizational members rather than by individuals because members of a complex organization are interdependent, interconnected, and interrelated. 

About us

This project began during a Summer Scholar class facilitated by Dr. James Barker in 2013. Over the week, we discussed ways in which complexity can provide a new way to consider organizations. This website is the final project from our time together. Class participants Liz Hunt, Jillene Krause, Leann Larson, Steve Listopad, Emily Paskewitz, and Jessica Rick used complexity as an emergent way to consider their own research interests regarding organizations. 

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