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COMMplexity – Practice


Complexity is present in organizations of all types and sizes. Not all complexity is negative; however, when it is addressed the organization is more likely to move forward. Complexity perspective helps managers understand relationships among people and the systems in place. When challenges of these relationships are recognized and corrections are made, the probability of organizational advancement is increased. 

This page is a resource for those who wish to apply complexity to organizational management. The links below provide insight and tools which can be used to reveal the complexity in an organization. 

Resources for Practice

Dr. Todd Conklin focuses his work on complexity issues that create conditions for unwanted events to occur in the workplace. The following videos examine these situations and the relationship between the worker, process, and leadership.

This article and podcast by Julian Birkinshaw and Suzanne Heywood discuss what kind of complexity is most harmful to companies’ performance, why senior executives are often oblivious to it, and how it can be addressed.

Putting organizational complexity in its place

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