Dr. Mark Meister


Ph.D., University of Nebraska, 1997
M.A., North Dakota State University, 1994
B.A., Carroll College (MT), 1991

Research overview:
As a rhetorical/critical scholar, my research incorporates rhetorical and argumentation theory to critically evaluate the ethics of historical and contemporary environmental, economic, and political public discourse.  My research agenda investigates how we use language and symbolic action as we rhetorically construct "nature," "economics," and "politics" for satisfying rhetorical motives that we often describe as environmental, economical, and ethical. 

Teaching overview:
In my 20 years at NDSU, I've taught a variety of oratorical-rhetorical undergraduate courses and critical-rhetorical graduate seminars. My teaching philosophy focuses on meeting two important student needs: the need for relevancy and obligation. To fulfill these needs, I constantly explain why ethical rhetoric matters personally, socially, culturally, and professionally and how ethical rhetoric benefits ourselves and others. Rhetorical leadership is a common theme connecting all my classes and seminars, regardless of perspective or context. Rhetorical scholar Kathryn M. Olson at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee keenly articulates the relationship between rhetorical leadership and teaching: "Rhetorical leadership teaches attunement and adaptation to the uniqueness of a particular situation or case and its multiple interpretations; it offers critical approaches for flexibly appreciating a range of viewpoints while still generating productive symbolic strategies for forging identification and inventing common purpose" ("What is Rhetorical Leadership?" 2011, p. 4). Read Professor Olson's complete articulation of rhetorical leadership by visiting: https://uwm.edu/rhetorical-leadership/wp-content/uploads/sites/322/2016/02/whatisrl.pdf

Email Dr. Meister
Office: Minard 338-D4
Phone: (701) 231-7635

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