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Dr. Pamela Lutgen-Sandvik

Associate Professor

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Office: Minard 338-C8
Phone: (701) 231-6647

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I am an associate professor who teaches and researches in the area of organizational and professional communication. I have taught organization-related courses at the University of New Mexico, Arizona State University, and the University of Alaska. Prior to my position in academia, I served as an administrator of non-profit social service agencies dealing with women’s advocacy and alcoholism-drug addiction treatment.

My research focuses on emotion in the workplace, both constructive and destructive. I have studied workplace bullying for the past decade, examining U.S. prevalence, effect on adult identity, targeted workers’ emotions, sensemaking when faced with abuse at work, and a host of related topics. Recently, my work has branched out to examine positive emotions at work—the range of positive experiences adults have at work and the specific effect of positive management on employee emotions and organizations. 

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Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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