Dr. Wan Wang

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin, 2021

M.A., Michigan State University, 2014

B.A., Huazhong University of Science and Technology, 2012

Research Overview: As a strategic communication scholar, my research interests center on environmental, health, and science-related risk communication, especially on risk-related information behaviors such as information seeking, sharing, and processing. I seek to understand how cognitive and affective determinants of risk perception and its impact on information behaviors, how risk information spreads between individuals, and how risk information contributes to public risk literacy. My research mainly contributes to risk communication practice by improving the effectiveness of informational campaigns.

Teaching Overview: I teach strategic communication topics such as the Principle of Strategic Communications and Strategic Communication Research. I aim to bridge the gap between textbook knowledge and industry practice to help students become tech-savvy professionals with hard skills that enable them to adapt to the industry trend toward data-driven decision-making.

2023 Teaching

  • COMM 375: Principles of Strategic Communication
  • COMM 377: Media Planning
  • COMM 707: Quantitative Research Methods in Communication


Email Dr. WangOffice: Minard 338-C8Phone: (701) 231-1848

Wan Wang's CV


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