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Summer Scholars


Our Summer Scholars program began in 2001, the first year of the communication doctoral program. This program seeks to bring together leading scholars in the field of communication with the graduate students in our program. 

The NDSU faculty realized that because we are small in number, we could benefit from an infusion of colleagues from other areas of the field.  Our students benefit by learning and being mentored by additional professors, enabling them to build larger professional networks.  

Summer Scholars learn first-hand of the dynamic and innovative program that is offered at NDSU and of the high caliber of our graduate students.  Summer Scholars have served on graduate committees after leaving Fargo, they have served as references for NDSU students, they have co-authored research with NDSU doctoral students, and they have published manuscripts of the doctoral students in journals they edit.  The program has seen positive benefits for the Summer Scholars, for the NDSU communication students, and for the NDSU communication faculty members.

Current Summer Scholar

2017: Keri Stephens

Past Summer Scholars

2016: S. Shyam Sundar

2015: Karen Myers

2014: Ananda Mitra

2013: Paul Schrodt & James Barker

2012: Tamara Afifi

2011: Michelle Shumate

2010: David Zarefsky

2009: Jan Servaes & Dale Brashers

2008: Patrice Buzzanell Timothy Mottet

2007:  Mohan Dutta & James Grunig & Larissa Grunig

2006:  Dennis Mumby & Sandra Petronio

2005:  Barry Brummett & Michael Bugeja

2004:  James Chesebro & Diana Carlin

2003:  Mike Allen & Bernell Tripp

2002:  David Buller & Arvind Singhal

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