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The Department of Construction Management and Engineering offers three separate and distinct graduate programs as listed below followed by a description of each of the programs.

The detailed description of these three programs and related Course descriptions can be found in the NDSU graduate bulletin.

Program Statistics

MSCM: Fall 2017 Enrollment Number - 12. MCM: Fall 2017 Enrollment Number - 19. Certificate:  Fall 2017 Enrollment Number - 5

Graduation Processes

Graduation Processes are different among these graduate programs:

  • MSCM - 31 credits of Course work + Thesis. A flowchart shown the major steps of getting the degree is shown as below and a PDF file is available by clicking MS Flowchart.



  • Certificate - 9 credits of specific Course work only. After a successful completion of the required courses, students need to file a Verification of Certificate from at the Graduate School website.   

English Language Test Score Requirements for International Applicants

International applicants whose first language is not English and who do not possess an U.S. bachelor's degree or higher are subject to minimum English test scores when they apply for admission to the graduate programs. The detailed information can be found at the Graduate School website. Additionally, if an applications is for Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA), English Language Proficiency Procedure at the Graduate School website will apply. 

Tuition and Fees
Tuition and fees information can be found at NDSU one stop website: 

Schedule of Courses

Summer Semester (online only)
CM&E 603 Scheduling and Project Control
CM&E 660 Infrastructure Management

Fall Semester CM&E 703 Advanced Project Planning and Control (online every year; on-campus even year)CM&E 712 Construction Management (online every year; on-campus odd year)CM&E 715 Construction Specifications and Contracts (online every year; on-campus even year)CM&E 740 Financial and Economic Concepts for Construction Managers (online every year; on-campus odd year)

Spring Semester
CM&E 605 Construction Support Operations (online every year; on-campus odd year)
CM&E 701 Construction Technology and Equipment (online every year; on-campus odd year)
CM&E 711 Construction Cost Estimating (online every year; on-campus even year)
CM&E 725 Decision Making and Risk Analysis (online every year; on-campus even year)

Programs Contacts
Please address all of questions and inquiries to the Graduate Programs Coordinator Dr. Gary Smith at (701)231-7564 or by email: or the Student Recruitment Coordinator at the Graduate School Ms. Elizabeth Worth at (701) 231-8476 or by email: 



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