Explore and study of new construction methods, materials and management in order to make construction faster, better and safer.

Faculty members in the Construction Management and Engineering Department are engaged in cutting-edge research projects in construction materials building energy, spacial data analysis and virtual design and construction. This research has been funded by a variety of state, private, and federal agencies including the National Science Foundation, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy and ND Department of Commerce. Many undergraduate and graduate students are supported on funded research projects each year.

Research Focus Areas
  • Virtual design and construction
  • Visualization and BIM development and implantation
  • Advanced concrete techniques
  • Quality control and system applications
  • Decision analysis and modeling techniques
  • Safety performance measurement and improvements
  • Process and productivity improvement
  • Infrastructure and assets management
  • Construction materials
  • Computational modeling
  • Engineering education
  • Cost control
  • Sustainability
  • Smart buildings
  • Building environment systems
  • Building energy effeciency
  • Thermophysical properties measurement of porous materials
  • Renewable energy
  • Computational airflow modeling
  • HVAC system design and simulation
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