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Check out our wide variety of FREE groups, workshops, and classes offered for NDSU students  by the Counseling Center each semester. Please check back often for updates!


NDSU CARES Workshops


NDSU CARES is a Campus Awareness, Referral and Education program for Suicide Prevention. This one hour of training may help you save a life! Offered via Zoom for Fall 2020. Please call the Counseling Center 701-231-7671 to sign up.

Dates for Spring 2021:

  • FEB: 17th, Wednesday @ 12:00pm
  • MARCH: 23rd, Tuesday @ 11:00am
  • APRIL: 21st, Wednesday @ 11:00am
  • MAY: 4th, Tuesday @ 12:00pm


Diversity Solidarity and Empowerment Group

Who: This support group is intended for self-identified BIPOC students (undergraduate and graduate).

Purpose: To build support and solidarity it is not a therapy group.

What: Each session is intended to hold space for vulnerability and conversation as we endeavor to unpack the complexities of racial trauma. We may discuss current affairs, books, movies, and or personal racial experiences.

When: Meets Weekly via Zoom on Tuesdays 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM, Starting February 2, 2021.

Facilitated by: Terrijann MullenDahlberg and Annette Vazquez (Ruiz)

Contact: Please email to join. 



Graduate Student Support Group

Open to any NDSU graduate student. Group focus is to provide a safe place for students to meet one another, discuss challenges and struggles they may be experiencing while working in their graduate program or within the personal life, and to be able to build friendships and offer support to fellow graduate students across academic disciplines. 

The group is currently suspended until further notice. If interested more information or joining in the future, please email



Mindfulness 3-Week Workshop


Mindfulness 3-Week Workshop

Offered Via Zoom For Spring 2021, and now open to NDSU faculty and staff as well as NDSU students! 

Mindfulness is a way of being that involves bringing awareness to the unfolding of present experience, moment-to-moment, with curiosity, openness, and acceptance.  Much more than a relaxation technique or concentration skill, mindfulness entails a way of being that can open the door to a whole new way of experiencing and responding to the inevitable “ups and downs” of life. Learning and practicing mindfulness can be particularly helpful in coping with the uncertainty of  situations that are beyond our ability to control or predict, such as the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Additionally, practicing mindfulness can improve ability to cope with challenges that affect many college students, such as stress, anxiety, perfectionism, and difficulties with concentration/focus  For further information on mindfulness and meditation, please see our Meditation and Mindfulness Page.

This 3-week workshop for students is geared towards those who are either brand new or relatively new to mindfulness. Each week will address a different facet of mindfulness through the use of lessons, discussion, handouts, and a variety of experiential mindfulness meditation and self-compassion practices. The goal of the workshop will be to plant seeds from which participants can grow their own mindfulness practice and start to apply mindfulness in their daily lives. There will be a homework assignment each week involving at least 10-minutes of daily practice of a meditation learned in the group, as well as incorporating mindfulness into daily activities. This is because the only way to learn mindfulness and see the results in your life is to practice!

The three sessions are as follows: Week 1) Introduction and Basic Practices; Week 2) Breath Awareness, Mindfulness of Thoughts, and Formal Sitting Practice; Week 3) Radical Acceptance, Self-Compassion, and Mindfulness of Emotions.

Meets via Zoom for 90 minutes on the following 3 Thursdays from 2:30-4:00: Feb. 18, Feb. 25, and March 4.

Please note that once you sign-up for the 3-week workshops, attendance at all 3 sessions will be important, as the lessons go in order and fit together as a whole. 

 Limited to 10 participants. Advance sign-up necessary to reserve a spot; please call the Counseling Center (701-231-7671) to sign up for one of the sequences!

If questions, please contact


Health Concerns Group

Have you been experiencing the frustration of an on-going illness or medical condition? Many students on our campus struggle with chronic pain, digestive issues, migraines, or other health challenges that can make the typical day-to-day activities associated with college very difficult. You are not alone. This group is open to any NDSU student with a chronic health condition.

For Spring 2021, meets via Zoom on Wednesdays 1:00-1:50 p.m. starting on February 3rd. If you are interested in joining this support group as a safe place to discuss these challenges and help one another, please contact Jaryn Allen at  for the Zoom link. 

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