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Below you will find some self-help resources intended to help you achieve a fulfilling and successful college experience...

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Some of the links below are external links to other web sites. These external links, as well as others found throughout our site, may provide useful information about topics related to counseling and mental health, study skills, and career information. Their listing here, however, does not indicate endorsement by the Counseling Center or NDSU.

Additionally, although information and self-help resources can be a helpful adjunct to work you are doing in counseling or in a support group, we do not necessarily recommend self-help as a sole course of treatment. If you are interested in speaking with a counselor, please refer to the other pages in this site for more information about our services.

Assertiveness Skills Are you a chicken when it comes to speaking your mind?


Red River Resilience Fact Sheet

Managing Flood-Related Stress By Building Resilience Information From the American Psychological Association Help Center (

Disaster Fact Sheet (from the North Dakota Psychological Association's Disaster Response Team).

Going Home for the Holidays Is going home for the upcoming holidays stressful for you or your family? The Counseling Center can help.

Grief and Trauma Information on trauma, loss and resiliency.

Help! I'm Undecided and I Need to Register... tips on choosing a major.

Helping Distressed Students (Powerpoint) What to do when you are concerned about a student.

Homesickness Feeling sad and missing your family? Maybe we can help.

International Students Welcome, international students!

Making Long Distance Relationships Work Long-Distance Relationships can be challenging---but they can work.

Making New Friends Feeling alone? The NDSU Counseling Center might have some ideas for you.


Meditation For Stress Management Handout Learn about mindfulness meditation and how it can help you relate differently to stress.

Meditation Group Information -- Weekly meditation group offered by NDSU Counseling Center.

"Meditation: It's Not What You Think," --Article about meditation and mindfulness.

NDSU Counseling Center Audio Meditations:

Mindfulness Meditation With Guided Body Relaxation (44 Minutes)

Brief mindful breathing exercise (5 minutes)

Short Mindfulness Meditation With Guided Body Relaxation (29 Minutes)

Calm Abiding Meditation With Guided Body Relaxation (42 minutes)

Short Calm Abiding Meditation With Guided Body Relaxation (25 Minutes)

External Site Audio Meditations:

"The Mindfulness Solution" Meditations

Insight Meditation Society Meditations

UVM Meditations

UCR Meditations

Towson University Meditations

Mindful Awareness Research Center Meditations

Guided Self-Compassion Meditations

Meditations From The Book "Sitting Together"


Relaxation Exercises Relaxation audio files you can download and practice! (External Link to Hobart and William Smith Colleges)

Relaxation Exercises More relaxation audio files (external link to University of Texas at Austin)

Relaxation Techniques Written instuctions on relaxation techniques (MS Word format)

Sleep Hygiene (Powerpoint) Tips for getting a better night's sleep.

Stress Management Information about coping with stress (MS Word Format)

Stress Management MP3 audio file with stress managment information

Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection External link to an extensive list of self-help pamphlets for college students.

Study Skills Tips Information on how to study more effectively.

Taking Care With Yourself (pdf) Brochure outlining self-care and the "wellness wheel".

Test Anxiety Tips Does test-taking make you a bit anxious? Tips on managing test anxiety.

Test Preparation Is cramming not working? Is the thought of finals coming putting you into a panic? Information on test preparation.

Time Management Not enough time for everything you have to do? Here are some helpful suggestions.

Tips for Career Development (Powerpoint) Information to help you explore career choices.

Transitions Tips on navigating difficult transitions.

Veterans Coming Home Helpful information for returning veterans and their loved ones.

Virginia Tech Tragedy Our response to the tragedy at Virginia Tech, along with helpful links and suggestions for self-care following a traumatic event.

External Link to Virtual Pamphlet Collection

Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection

Stress and Depression Assessment

Stress and Depression Assessment

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