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Below you will find some self-help resources intended to help you achieve a fulfilling and successful college experience...


Some of the links below are external links to other web sites. These external links, as well as others found throughout our site, may provide useful information about topics related to counseling and mental health, study skills, and career information. Their listing here, however, does not indicate endorsement by the Counseling Center or NDSU.

Additionally, although information and self-help resources can be a helpful adjunct to work you are doing in counseling or in a support group, we do not necessarily recommend self-help as a sole course of treatment. If you are interested in speaking with a counselor, please refer to the other pages in this site for more information about our services.

External Link to Virtual Pamphlet Collection

Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection

Stress and Depression Assessment

Stress and Depression Assessment

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