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When You Go Home for the Holidays:

Expect Change...  

  • Just expect it---things will be different---and it can still be OK.
  • Now (during semester break) is the time to start the transition---don’t wait until next summer.
  • There may be a change in culture. Your hometown may not be as big as the NDSU campus. People may think differently, live differently. But embrace that difference. As you proceed in life, you will likely live in other communities that will have different norms. Give yourself practice at adapting!
  • You may surprise your parents by your new-found sense of independence. Remember that they want you to be independent but it just might be a little shocking for them. Give them some time to adjust and to be proud of your independence.
  • You may have made some new decisions regarding your appearance—and you may not even look the same. Although you have gotten used to these changes, be prepared for reactions from others for whom it is new. If you’ve made some drastic changes---it might be a good idea to let your family know before you come home.
  • Talk to your family. So many problems in life can be avoided by a simple conversation. You and your parents are in the process of becoming peers----so talk to them---let them know you and your present life.
  • You may have to begin the process of thinking of your home in a new way. The place you grew up in will become less of “my house” and more “my parents’ house” in the future. Your home will become the place where you live and keep your stuff at school. So, just as you want people to respect your place and the rules of your place—you need to respect your parents’ place as well.


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