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Help! I'm Undecided and I Need to Register!

The goal as an undecided student trying to register should be to find a balance between taking classes you need for generals and taking classes that can help you in the career exploration process. 

Explore general education requirements
Determine which general education requirements you still need to fulfill. Are any particularly interesting to you? Are any a part of a major you are considering? 

Read through the list of majors offered at NDSU
In the college bulletin, read through the list of majors offered. Mark the ones that interest you. Are your interests contained within a particular college? What do the majors have in common? Any classes you could try that are common to a few of your interest areas? Any classes that would also count for general education requirements? 

Read through the course descriptions 
In the back of the college bulletin, read through the descriptions of courses offered on campus. Which ones intrigue you? Are they within a particular discipline. Are there any you could try that could help you decide which major to declare?

Talk to your university studies advisor
Your university studies advisor knows the ins and outs of registration, general education requirements, and majors. They can help you create a schedule of courses that will help you figure out your career direction and meet general education requirements. 

Talk to an advisor in a few of the majors you have interest in
Talking to an advisor can help you develop a better sense of the major and the kinds of jobs graduates tend to get when they are finished with the degree. They also may have some tips about which classes can help you get a good feel for the major. 

Take a class or two in majors that you are considering
One of the best ways to get a sense of a major is to take a class in the department. Is it what you expected? Does it excite you? 

Use the following career planning resources available to you as a NDSU student:

  • Career Counseling - Meet individually with a career counselor in the Counseling Center who can help you sort through the decision making process. Call 231-7671 to make an appointment. 
  • Career Planning Class (EDUC 124) - EDUC 124 is a 1-credit, pass/fail class that will walk you through the process of determining a career direction.
  • Investigate in the Career Library (Ceres 212)
    The Career Library is located in Ceres 212 and contains many books and pamphlets on various careers. Books about job possibilities based on various majors and different personality traits are available.
  • Explore “What can I do with a major in . . . “ websites, such as:

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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