COVID-19 cases and reporting procedures

119 total confirmed positive cases (114 students and 5 employees) reported to NDSU in the past two weeks as of 9 a.m., Friday, September 19. Of the students, 30 are in isolation in university housing.

187 students currently in quarantine in university housing.

This is the number of confirmed positive cases that we know about. We are providing this information so our employees and students can be aware of the Covid-19 activity on the NDSU-Fargo campus. We are not including cases for COVID-19 positive people who have not been physically on the NDSU-Fargo campus during the previous 14 days.
Cases are reported to us a few ways, primarily through public health entities or individuals self reporting. Please see the links below for the procedures to self report.
There may be additional positive cases that have not been reported to NDSU.

NDSU does not have direct access to all the data of the people being tested. It takes a few days for the test results and notification processes to work.

We will not violate patient confidentiality by revealing identities. If you were a close contact of a person who has tested positive, you will be contacted by a public health official and will receive instruction on quarantine and symptom monitoring.
The number of students in isolation or being quarantined in university housing is provided because we are housing them, but there may be other students or employees in isolation or in quarantine elsewhere.

We will update the numbers by noon each weekday, except for holidays that fall on weekdays.


Past 14 days of positive COVID-19 cases
Date Student Positives Employee Positives
9/18 114 5
9/17 143 5
9/16 137 5
9/15 150 3
9/14 164 3

9/11 138 1
9/10 138 2
9/9 131 1
9/8 135 1

9/4 117 2
9/3 96 2
9/2 90 2

Cases as reported on this page for the past two weeks

Past mass testing events*
Date Number tested* Positives detected Rate
Aug. 18-23 1664 33 2%
Sept. 1-2 1242 90 7.2%
Sept. 12 994 36 3.66%

*may include others beyond NDSU students and employees


Cass County data is available in the North Dakota Department of Health data.

For questions/concerns, please contact

Student Reporting Procedures

Employee Reporting Procedures