About the Department

Our department serves approximately 250 undergraduate students and 24 graduate students. The department offers a bachelor's degree and minor in criminal justice. Additionally, we offer an M.S. in criminal justice and a Ph.D. in criminal justice. Undergraduate criminal justice students in their junior year may apply to our accelerated master's program. This program allows exceptional students to complete the master's degree in 3 semesters after completion of the bachelor's degree by taking select coursework which counts for credit toward both the bachelor's and master's degrees.

The department also hosts a popular student's club - The Criminal Justice Club. All students are welcome in this club; you do not have to be a criminal justice major to be active in this club.


Mission Statement

The Department of Criminal Justice (CJ) is committed to academic excellence, instructing students based on empirical research in the field, promoting ethical citizenry, and application of knowledge to real-life experiences. The department provides students with both a general and in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system and the administration of justice, which includes research on various programs and policies related to crime and criminal justice.  The curriculum covers all aspects of the criminal justice system, including police, courts, and corrections; it also explores why people commit crimes and how to reduce crime.  Many of the courses are related to inequalities in the criminal justice system, including racial, gender, and social class, as well as issues associated with social justice.  The CJ curriculum helps students acquire the skills needed to succeed in a variety of careers in criminal justice and related social services fields.  Some of the skills include:

  • A mastery of core content areas in criminal justice and criminology.
  • The ability to locate, integrate and use information from a variety of sources to effectively communicate in both verbal and written forms.
  • Application of knowledge through field-based learning experiences, as well as civic/community engagement activities. 
  • Understanding of diverse positions, including those representing a variety of cultural, economic, and geographic interests within the context of criminal justice. 

The CJ Department also offers learning opportunities beyond the classroom including independent studies, research projects, internships, and student organization activities.  In keeping with the land grant mission of North Dakota State University, our students can participate in both scholarly and applied research projects, which often involve collaborative partnerships with local, state and federal criminal justice and social service agencies.  In addition, the CJ undergraduate curriculum prepares students who may be interested in pursuing advanced degrees after graduation.


For More Information

You are invited to browse through our website for more information. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page. There you'll find announcements relating to internship and job opportunities for students, information about events sponsored by the department and the Criminal Justice Club, as well as student and faculty accomplishments.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or a faculty member in the department if you have any questions. Terence (Jack) Jackson is the department's Administrative Assistant and a terrific resource for connecting you to information about the program. Email for Jack

Alums of our programs are especially encouraged to touch base and let us know where you're at and what you're up to! See the Alumni Survey at the bottom of this page for the link.

Donating to the Department of Criminal Justice

We thank you for your support of the NDSU Department of Criminal Justice. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will be put to use to promote student learning and success in the department. If you would like to contribute financially to the department, please do so by clicking on this link.

Please contact Amy Stichman, Department Chair, with any questions. Email. Phone 701-231-8937.

Alumni Survey

Dear Criminal Justice Alumni,

We would be very grateful if you would take a few seconds to complete the survey below.  As a department, we are very interested in learning what our graduates do and where they go after leaving NDSU. Please know that your information is for internal tracking purposes only and will not be shared outside this department, nor will it be used for donation requests or other solicitations.Thank you in advance for keeping in touch! Click here to begin the survey

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