2022-2023 Criminal Justice Graduate Students

PhD Students



Kaitlyn Bock

Office: Minard 134E14

Email: kaitlyn.j.bock@ndsu.edu

Kaitlyn Bock obtained her B.S. degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from North Dakota State University. She also earned her M.S. degree in Criminology from Bond University in Australia and her M.Ed. in Counselor Education - Student Affairs from Clemson University. Kaitlyn has previous work experience as a mental health practitioner, where she primarily worked with individuals with co-occurring disorders. She also has served in a variety of roles in higher ed including academic advising, disability services, and athletics. Kaitlyn's research interests include the intersection of education and the criminal justice system and corrections.



Brandon Hunter

Office: Minard 134E10

Email: brandon.l.hunter@ndsu.edu

Brandon Hunter is a former correctional officer from Wisconsin. Brandon has an MS in criminal justice and and MS in counseling, both from UW-Milwaukee. His research interests include the effectiveness of treatment court programming and pretrial supervision effectiveness.



Kelsey Keimig

Information to be updated...



Reine Andrea Kouakou

Office: Minard 134E10

Email: reine.kouakou@ndsu.edu

Reine Andrea Kouakou has a Master in Law from West Catholic University- Ivory Coast and a MS in Criminal Justice from St Cloud State University. Her research interests include criminal law, criminal procedure, and corrections.



Kimberly Pithey-Pede

Office: Minard 134E14

Email: kimberly.pithey@ndsu.edu

Kimberly Pithey-Pede received her B.A. degree in criminal justice and social work and her M.S. in Sociology, from the University of North Dakota. Her research interests include criminal procedure, corrections, and re-entry.



Shanna Urban

Shanna Urban obtained her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from North Dakota State University and Master of Social Work from University of North Dakota; which has allowed her to practice with individuals involved in the criminal justice system in the community and prison for over 10 years. She was fortunate enough to spend many of these years treating individuals diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illnesses in this environment. Now, as a full-time faculty member for the Social Work department at UND, she brings this perspective to her students. Shanna’s professional areas of interest are diagnosing and treatment through evidenced-based practice for individuals involved in the criminal justice system. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of North Dakota.



Master’s students



Steven Armstrong

Steven Armstrong earned a Bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Minot State University. His research interests include officer wellness, deterrence, and community engagement.



Brooklyn Kavadas

Brooklyn earned a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Minot State University. Her research interests include forensic psychology, criminological theory, and correctional practice methods. 





Albert Kumi

Albert Kumi completed his bachelor's degree in international law at Cyprus International University. His research interests are imbedded in areas regarding child delinquency and ciminal injustices. 



Christopher Cassandro

Christopher Cassandro earned a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin-Superior. His research interests include policy and procedure and training and development in policing. He is currently employed as an Officer with the Fargo Police Department.





Ian Kristan

Ian Kristan graduated from Bradley University with a BS in Criminal Justice and a minor in Professional Writing. Ian has been a member of the Fargo Police Department since 2019 and is currently assigned to the Training and Development Unit. His interests include pedagogy in Law Enforcement education, use of force training, and officer retention.



Marissa Adams

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology from the University of North Dakota. I have many interests in criminal justice including individual and structural theories of crime, administration and leadership in Criminal Justice, and juvenile and adult rehabilitation and how we can be of better assistance to those with mental health issues.



Rose Jean

Rose C. Jean earned a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology from the University of North Dakota . Her research interests include corrections and rehabilitations programs.





Jerrod Wagner

Jerrod Wagner earned a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from North Dakota State University. His research interests include Police Officer training and Use of Force. He is currently a Sergeant with the Fargo Police Department.



Danielle Gerving

Dani Gerving received a bachelor's in criminal justice with a minor in sociology from MSUM. She has worked in the city's Harm Reduction Division since 2018 and has been program coordinator of the Gladys Ray Shelter since 2020. She intends to pursue a PhD in criminal justice. Her research interests include: pathways out of crime, social and cultural influences on crime, and recidivism.



Accelerated Master’s students:



Ava Kalbrener

Ava is majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Business Administration. Her research interests are Criminal Justice ethics, crime prevention, and the impacts mental health has on criminal behavior. Her future career interests include law school and crime analysis.



Kylie Menge

Kylie Menge is currently working on finishing her dual Bachelor's degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology with a minor in English (emphasis in writing) while working towards her Master’s in Criminal Justice here at NDSU. Kylie is currently working in social rehabilitation with all female offenders at Centre Inc. Her goal is to obtain her Master’s degree and go on to case management in a rehabilitative setting with either women or juveniles. Her research interests involve mental health in adults and juveniles leading to deviant behavior and other broad areas of criminology.

Brittany Neu

I am pursuing a Criminal Justice Master's degree in the Accelerated Program and am minoring in Psychology and Spanish. My research interests include forensic psychology, corrections, and policing. 



Cassidy Sommer

Cassidy Sommer is getting her bachelors and masters in criminal justice. She is currently a military police officer in the North Dakota National Guard and in the future wants to be a detective working with crimes against children and personal crimes.



Olivia Larson

Olivia Larson is pursuing her Criminal Justice Master's Degree in the Accelerated Master Program and is minoring in psychology. Her research interests are in juvenile corrections, probation, and recidivism rates of delinquent youth.



Meredith Spiers

Merrideth Spiers is majoring in both criminal justice and psychology. Her research interests include the difference in male and female pathways to crime, efficacy of juvenile rehabilitation programs, and the impact politicization of crime has on correctional policies. 



Scott Rudquist

Scott Rudquist is majoring in criminal justice and psychology. His research interests include efficacy of prison ministry programs, rehabilitative programs, and re-entry.



Yeno Lokosang

I am a double major in Criminal Justice and Political Science. My research interests include juvenile justice, correction and mental health while working directly in the field as a juvenile drug court counselor, juvenile correctional facility staff and mental health technician. Long term goals include applying for law school and after gained experience, pursue PHD in criminal justice to teach.



Annabel Thorstenson

Annabel Thorstneson is Majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Human Development and Family Sciences. Some of her interests are early juvenile intervention and the effects of single-parent households on juvenile delinquency. 



Niah Shumway



Emmanuelle Boschee

Emmanuelle is majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in French. Research interests include policymaking surrounding human trafficking, international sex trafficking, and crimes against minors.

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