Advising FAQs

How do I change my major?
You need to meet with an advisor in the new intended major. This advisor can then submit the major change form on your behalf. 

Who is my advisor? 
You can view who your assigned advisor is in Campus Connection under the academic progress tile "Advisors and Advising Notes" 

How do I schedule an advising appointment with them?
You can log into Navigate and follow the prompts to schedule with an academic advisor in the program you are interested in changing to. If you can’t find your department listed in Navigate, then you will want to just email the advisor to schedule.

When can I register?
By logging into Campus Connection you can view your assigned registration day/time under the "Manage Classes" tile. 

What classes can be used for different general education requirements?
You can find a list of all approved General Education Courses on the Registration & Records website. Also, when you are in schedule planner you can search by the category to see what is offered that semester.

How do I drop a class?
You can drop courses by logging into Campus Connection and clicking on the "Manage Classes" tile, then on the left side you will see the option to drop classes. You will select which ones you want to drop, however, you cannot drop all courses for the semester. 

How do I withdraw from all of my classes?
If you need to withdraw completely from all courses in the semester you will need to fill out the form on the Registration & Records website. 

What is differential tuition?
Differential tuition is based on the student’s declared major, and it is a higher rate than the base tuition rate.

How much does a class cost?
You can view the current tuition rates per credit on the One Stop website. This will show you based on your residency, fulltime vs. part time, undergraduate vs. graduate, etc.

Who can I talk to about my scholarships?
All questions related to your scholarships should be directed to One Stop. They are able to review your financial aid information, and can assist you.
One Stop phone: 701.231.6200 or

I’m on a waitlist for a class that I need to graduate, what should I do?
Email the instructor of the course, and explain your situation. Faculty at NDSU want to help students, but we can’t help unless we know about the situation.

I can’t get ahold of my assigned advisor, what should I do?
If you have emailed or called your assigned advisor and they have not responded within a few business days, then you can contact the main office. or 701-231-8562

Where do I go online to take the Math placement exam?
You will find the Math Placement exam in Blackboard. It is recommended that you take the practice tests offered in this section prior to taking the actual exam.

What classes are all required for my program?
The official curriculum guide with all requirements can be found on the Registration & Records website.

How will my credits transfer to NDSU from another school?
Students have access to look course equivalencies on TES (Transfer Evaluation System). If you don’t see the course you took at another school, then it has never been evaluated before.

What does being on academic probation mean?
Students are placed on academic alert when you earn an institutional GPA below the minimum of 2.0, and you had started the semester in good standing or on warning.

How do I get registered for internship credit? Will it count for my Computer Science requirements?
If you are working with a faculty advisor in the Computer Science department on an internship, then they will assist you with getting registered for that.
If you are working with the Career & Advising Center on an internship, then you would go out to the Internship Program website and follow the instructions.

*Internship credit will not count toward any of the required CSCI courses or the 9 credits of upper level CSCI electives. It will count toward your university requirements (ie. Total credits, residency credits, etc).

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