Cybersecurity Student Organization

The goal of the cybersecurity student organization is to increase knowledge of current cyber security practices among the NDSU Students through exercises, lectures, and by working with community members in the networking and computing professions. The organization will support teams to compete in cybersecurity competitions. It will serve as an excellent opportunity to learn and apply knowledge about security, networking, and administration as well as providing a chance to network with potential employers. 

Other club activities include:

  • Competition in cyber games
  • Workshops in computer and network security 
  • Guest speakers from the professional community 
  • A chance to meet with others that share similar interests during our scheduled meetings
  • Club fundraising and student involvement activities 
  • Opportunities for professional development and career networking 


Kelvin Boatey

Faculty Advisor:
Jeremy Straub
Assistant Professor
Phone: 701-231-8196


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