Guy Hokanson

Systems Administrator/Programmer/Adjunct Lecturer
QBB 258 A20
(701) 231-7786

  • Lab & server management
  • Equipment ordering, maintenance, and tracking
  • Assisting faculty/students with lab access/equipment
  • Software ordering & maintenance
  • Application development



Missy DeHaan

Academic & Career Advisor
QBB 258 B7
(701) 231-5799

Schedule an Appointment with Missy

Serves as the academic advisor for First and Second Year Undergraduate Computer Science majors.

Note: Once a student reaches 60 credits, they may be transitioned to a faculty advisor.  If you have reached a junior/senior status, please check Campus Connection or Navigate for your current advisor assignment. 



Kathleen Turley Cox

Programmer Analyst/Learning Media Designer
QBB 258 A3
(701) 231-8721

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