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Anne Denton, Ph.D.
University of Mainz, 1996
QBB 258 A28
(701) 231-6748

Research Interests: Data Mining; Bioinformatics; Scientific Informatics; Databases; Geospatial Data; Cloud Computing


Dean Knudson, Ph.D.
Northwestern University, 1972
QBB 258 A21
(701) 231-5612

Research Interests: Software Engineering; International Capstone Programs; University/Industry Relationships


Jun Kong, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator of Computer Science
University of Texas, Dallas, 2005
QBB 258 A14
(701) 231-8179

Research Interests: Human Computer Interaction; Mobile Computing; Software Engineering

Lu Liu, Ph.D.
University of Texas at San Antonio, 2017
QBB 258 A13
(701) 231-5856

Research Interests: Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, & Data Science


Jen Li, Ph.D.
University of British Columbia, 2008
QBB 258 A12
(701) 231-9662

Research Interests: Large-scale Distributed System (P2P and Cloud Computing, Distributed Search, Routing Algorithms); Semantic Web Technologies; Social Networks; Information Retrieval; Knowledge Discovery


Simone Ludwig, Ph.D.
Brunel University, 2004
QBB 258 A17
(701) 231-8197

Research Interests: Swarm Intelligence; Evolutionary Computation; Fuzzy Reasoning; Cloud Computing


Kenneth Magel, Ph.D.
Associate Chair
Brown University, 1977
QBB 258 A24
(701) 231-8189

Research Interests: Software Engineering; Human-Computer Interfaces; Software Complexity; Software Design

M. Zubair Malik, Ph.D.
University of Texas at Austin, 2014
QBB 258 B8
(701) 231-7248

Research Interests: Software Engineering


Kendall Nygard, Ph.D., 
Department Chair
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1978 
QBB 258 A22
(701) 231-8203

Research Interests: Data Science; Optimization Modeling; Smart Grid; Sensor Networks; Agents; Artificial Intelligence; Security; Adaptive Systems; Swarm Intelligence


Saeed Salem, Ph.D.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2009
QBB 258 B8
(701) 231-6377

Research Interests: Bioinformatics; Data Mining


Brian M. Slator, Ph.D.
New Mexico State University, 1988
QBB 258 A26
(701) 231-6124

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence; Educational Media

Picture of Jeremy Straub

Jeremy Straub, Ph.D.
University of North Dakota, 2016
QBB 258 B8
(701) 231-8196

Research Interests: Artificial / Computational Intelligence; Autonomy Applications in Aerospace; Cybersecurity; 3D Printing Command / Control and Assessment; Educational Assessment in Computing Disciplines


Vasant Ubhaya, Ph.D.
University of California-Berkeley, 1971
QBB 258 A9
(701) 231-8947

Research Interests: Algorithm Analysis; Approximation and Optimization


Gursimran Walia, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator of Software Engineering
Mississippi State University, 2009
QBB 258 A23
(701) 231-8185

Research Interests: Empirical Software Engineering; Software Errors and Software Quality Improvement; Requirements Engineering; Human Cognition in Software Engineering; Managing and Estimating Software Quality


Changhui Yan, Ph.D.
Iowa State University, 2005
QBB 258 A27
(701) 231-8182

Research Interests: Bioinformatics; Computational Biology; Genomics; Machine Learning; Data Mining; Big Data; Cloud Computing

Professors of Practice

Portrait of Oksana Myronovych
Oksana Myronovych, Ph.D.
North Dakota State University, 2009
Associate Professor of Practice
QBB 258 B6
(701) 231-8265


CS Dept portrait od Janet Fleming

Janet Fleming-Halmrast
QBB 258 A10
(701) 231-9658

CS Dept portrait of Pratap Kotala

Pratap Kotala
Senior Lecturer, Ph.D.
QBB 258 B5
(701) 231-7493

Portrait of Joe Latimer

Joseph Latimer
QBB 258 A11
(701) 231-6509

CS Dept portrait of Alex Radermacher

Alex Radermacher
QBB 258 A15
(701) 231-8555


Kathleen Turley Cox
Learning Media Designer
QBB 258 A3
(701) 231-8721

Picture of Guy Hokanson

Guy Hokanson
System Administrator/Programmer/Adjunct Lecturer
QBB 258-A20
(701) 231-7786

Betty Opheim
Academic Assistant
QBB 258 B4
(701) 231-9460


Dana Johnson

John Martin

Portrait of Mark Pavicic

Mark Pavicic

In Memoriam

Bruce Erickson
In memoriam, Dr. Bruce Erickson
(May 6, 1943 - December 23, 2009)

Paul Juell
In memoriam, Dr. Paul Juell
(August 26, 1945 - December 29, 2007)

Portrait of Richard Rummelt

Richard Rummelt
In memoriam, Richard Rummelt
(September 30, 1956 - August 10, 2012)

Picture of 	 William "Bill" Perrizo

William Perrizo
In memoriam, William Perrizo
(June 19, 1943 - July 16, 2016)


Hyunsook Do
Gregory Wettstein

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