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Anne Denton, Ph.D.
University of Mainz, 1996
QBB 258 A28
(701) 231-6748

Research Interests: Data Mining; Bioinformatics; Scientific Informatics; Databases; Geospatial Data; Cloud Computing


Dean Knudson, Ph.D.
Northwestern University, 1972
QBB 258 A21
(701) 231-5612

Research Interests: Software Engineering; International Capstone Programs; University/Industry Relationships


Jun Kong, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator of Computer Science
University of Texas, Dallas, 2005
QBB 258 A14
(701) 231-8179

Research Interests: Human Computer Interaction; Mobile Computing; Software Engineering

Lu Liu, Ph.D.
University of Texas at San Antonio, 2017
QBB 258 A13
(701) 231-5856

Research Interests: Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, & Data Science


Jen Li, Ph.D.
University of British Columbia, 2008
QBB 258 A12
(701) 231-9662

Research Interests: Large-scale Distributed System (P2P and Cloud Computing, Distributed Search, Routing Algorithms); Semantic Web Technologies; Social Networks; Information Retrieval; Knowledge Discovery


Simone Ludwig, Ph.D.
Brunel University, 2004
QBB 258 A16
(701) 231-8197

Research Interests: Swarm Intelligence; Evolutionary Computation; Fuzzy Reasoning; Cloud Computing


Kenneth Magel, Ph.D.
Associate Chair
Brown University, 1977
QBB 258 A24
(701) 231-8189

Research Interests: Software Engineering; Human-Computer Interfaces; Software Complexity; Software Design

M. Zubair Malik, Ph.D.
University of Texas at Austin, 2014
QBB 258 B8
(701) 231-7248

Research Interests: Program Analysis, Automated Program Repair, Secure Software Development, Software Verification-Validation and Testing, Software Systems (especially large scale Distributed Systems for Datascience and Machine Learning), Formal Methods, Application of Artificial Intelligence in Program Analysis


Kendall Nygard, Ph.D., 
Department Chair
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1978 
QBB 258 A22
(701) 231-8203

Research Interests: Data Science; Optimization Modeling; Smart Grid; Sensor Networks; Agents; Artificial Intelligence; Security; Adaptive Systems; Swarm Intelligence


Saeed Salem, Ph.D.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2009
QBB 258 B8
(701) 231-6377

Research Interests: Bioinformatics; Data Mining


Brian M. Slator, Ph.D.
New Mexico State University, 1988
QBB 258 A26
(701) 231-6124

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence; Educational Media

Picture of Jeremy Straub

Jeremy Straub, Ph.D.
University of North Dakota, 2016
QBB 424A
(701) 231-8196

Research Interests: Artificial / Computational Intelligence; Autonomy Applications in Aerospace; Cybersecurity; 3D Printing Command / Control and Assessment; Educational Assessment in Computing Disciplines


Vasant Ubhaya, Ph.D.
University of California-Berkeley, 1971
QBB 258 A9
(701) 231-8947

Research Interests: Algorithm Analysis; Approximation and Optimization


Gursimran Walia, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator of Software Engineering
Mississippi State University, 2009
QBB 258 A23
(701) 231-8185

Research Interests: Empirical Software Engineering; Software Errors and Software Quality Improvement; Requirements Engineering; Human Cognition in Software Engineering; Managing and Estimating Software Quality


Changhui Yan, Ph.D.
Iowa State University, 2005
QBB 258 A27
(701) 231-8182

Research Interests: Bioinformatics; Computational Biology; Genomics; Machine Learning; Data Mining; Big Data; Cloud Computing

Professors of Practice

Portrait of Oksana Myronovych
Oksana Myronovych, Ph.D.
North Dakota State University, 2009
Associate Professor of Practice
QBB 258 B6
(701) 231-8265


CS Dept portrait of Pratap Kotala

Pratap Kotala
Senior Lecturer, Ph.D.
QBB 258 B5
(701) 231-7493

Portrait of Joe Latimer

Joseph Latimer
QBB 258 A11
(701) 231-6509

CS Dept portrait of Alex Radermacher

Alex Radermacher
QBB 258 A15
(701) 231-8555


Kathleen Turley Cox
Learning Media Designer
QBB 258 A3
(701) 231-8721

Missy DeHaan
Academic & Career Advisor
Advise first- and second-year undergraduate Computer Science students. Assist students with course planning, and aligning coursework with career goals.
*Juniors, Seniors and Grad students in Computer Science are assigned to a faculty advisor.
QBB 258 B7
(701) 231-5799

Picture of Guy Hokanson

Guy Hokanson
Systems Administrator/Programmer/Adjunct Lecturer
QBB 258-A20


Dana Johnson

John Martin

Betty Opheim

Portrait of Mark Pavicic

Mark Pavicic

In Memoriam

Bruce Erickson
In memoriam, Dr. Bruce Erickson
(May 6, 1943 - December 23, 2009)

Paul Juell
In memoriam, Dr. Paul Juell
(August 26, 1945 - December 29, 2007)

Portrait of Richard Rummelt

Richard Rummelt
In memoriam, Richard Rummelt
(September 30, 1956 - August 10, 2012)

Picture of 	 William "Bill" Perrizo

William Perrizo
In memoriam, William Perrizo
(June 19, 1943 - July 16, 2016)


Hyunsook Do
Gregory Wettstein

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