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Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

The Microsoft Imagine Program is now called Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. Please use this link to order and download software Use your login to access Azure..

You will have access to software and the Azure cloud platform through one online portal. Verified students can also get free access to Azure without a credit card, plus USD100 in credit. This includes professional developer tools, software and services. Everything you need to create apps, games and websites. 

Student Advantage Program

Microsoft has added the Student Advantage Program, which provides students and NDSU employees with free access Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, a full version of Office software, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook…and more! This is through ITS and available to all students and employees.

Note: NDSU no longer participates in the Home Use Program (HUP).

For more information, go to:


Some software is still available from the OnTheHub site.

Microsoft Products are no longer available.

CAUTION: If you live in a Residence Hall, downloads from OnTheHub will count towards your download quota. Attempting to download the larger packages may result in your account being throttled or blocked by ITS.

You must be qualified

In order to participate in the OnTheHub program you must be currently enrolled in a STEM course at NDSU. Computer Science, MIS, Accounting, Engineering, Architecture & Landscape Architecture students will be sent an email with instructions at the beginning of the semester. All STEM courses qualify for the program.

How to order

At the beginning of each semester you should receive a notification from the OnTheHub web site that will provide you with:

  • Link to the OnTheHub web site:

  • Your OnTheHub user name
  • Your password

KEEP THIS EMAIL MESSAGE. You will need the account information to download your software.

Note that your OnTheHub user name is the same as your NDSU email address. If you have forgotten or lost your password use the “Forgot your Password” link on the OnTheHub Sign In Page

If you have any technical difficulties, please see the FAQ section of theHelp page on the website.

Step 1: Sign in with your user name and password using the link in the upper right of page.

Step 2: Click on Students. This will take you to the software as well as other offerings.

Step 3: Order & Download Your Software.

Once you have logged on, navigate to the store front to select the software that you wish to order. Select the correct delivery method:

  • Download — download the software directly to your computer for free.
  • Residence hall residents see warning near the top of this page.
  • Mail Order — you can have OnTheHub send you the software discs for a fee.

Your software product key will be displayed when you checkout. Be sure to print out or make a copy your software product key.

OnTheHub Subscription Terms

OnTheHub subscriptions offer each user the right to use the software included in the subscription to design, develop, test, and demonstrate their products. The licensing requirement will be displayed when you order a product.

OnTheHub Academic Software Website

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