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Workshop Descriptions

Explore hands-on booths in the life sciences. Speak with graduate students who have studied in these sciences. Get a feel for how fun science can be.  The following workshops were offered at the 2016 Avenues of Scientific Discovery event (This workshop list will be updated as 2018 workshops are approved). 

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Workshop proposals are due Monday, January 15, 2018.



Descriptions coming soon!



An Example and Uses of Ferrofluids

  • Offered by: Michael Johnson
  • Category: Materials Science and Nanotechnology


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Crop Domestication and Drones in Agriculture

  • Offered by: Amanda Peters, Evan Salsman, and Matthew Rellaford
  • Category: Plant Sciences


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Cryptography : Exploring the World of Secure Communication

  • Offered by: Ali Rahim Taleqani and Ameneh Forouzandeh Shahraki
  • Category: Computer Science

This set of activities introduces students to cryptography techniques. Some notable examples of the use of encryption in history are mentioned, leading to the use of calculation machines for code-making and code-breaking.

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Exploring the Concepts of Topography in Augmented Reality

  • Offered by: Zachary Phillips
  • Category: Geosciences

The booth will use an augmented reality sand table to teach students about the concepts of topography, topographic maps, and basic hydrology. The booth will be entirely hands-on for attendees to create their own topographies and create digital rainfall. I will be prompting attendees with questions throughout their time spent at the booth that will engage them in thinking about the effects of topography on rainfall-runoff and get them thinking about cost-efficient technology as scientific teaching and research tools.

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North Dakota Pollinators

  • Offered by: Chyna Pei
  • Category: Range Science


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  • Offered by: Wyatt Davis
  • Category: Physics

We will display interesting physics using engaging demos. We will make sparks with a van de graaff generator, freeze and shatter vegetables with liquid nitrogen, in addition to other exciting demos. 

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Public Health Outbreak Investigation

  • Offered by: Andee Weisbeck
  • Category: Public Health

The activity will demonstrate how diseases and bacteria can spread. Students will understand the role of distance has in coming in contact with someone who is sick.

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Soil Science/Soil Fungi

  • Offered by: Elizabeth Sternhagen
  • Category: Environmental and Conservation Science


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Spider Gear

  • Offered by: Pranothi Mulinti
  • Category: Pharmaceutical Sciences

We will have a spider spinning system and a display of a tarantula. We will also have 3-D printing and show how to 3-D print.

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Traffic Signal Fun

  • Offered by: MD Sharijad Hasan and Niloy Saha
  • Category: Civil Engineering

The booth will demonstrate how the traffic signal system works and changes in an emergency vehicle situation. Students can make different choice of traffic condition and see how the scenarios change in a whole day.

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