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Workshop Descriptions

Explore hands-on booths in the life sciences. Speak with graduate students who have studied in these sciences. Get a feel for how fun science can be.  The following workshops were offered at the 2018 Avenues of Scientific Discovery event. Workshops for 2019 will be updated in January as they are approved.

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Workshop proposals for 2019 are due in mid-January.



Evolution Works With What It's Got

  • Offered by: Annaka Clement
  • Category: Biology and Paleontology

Evolution Works With What It’s Got:  We will show evidence of evolution through modern and fossil examples! Visual and hands-on demonstrations will be conducted to show you: 1) How paleontologists and modern biologists use modern similarities among living organisms to infer their evolutionary history, and 2) How fossil evidence is used to support these hypotheses and find new connections.

~ This booth is a natural selection! ~


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This booth won 3rd place in the Best Booth voting of participants at the 2018 event.

  • Offered by: Wyatt Davis (Team lead - pictured), Brian Farlow, Tim Twohig, Reza Parsa, Alistair McInerny, Jamie Froberg, Brianna Santangelo, and Deyan Mihaylov.
  • Category: Physics

Physics:  We will display how interesting physics can be through an assortment of interactive exhibits! You will see demonstrations on: 1) Making electric sparks with a Van de Graaff generator and 2) Freezing and shattering vegetables with liquid nitrogen. There might even be some surprise physics displays!

~ This booth is a heart-shattering event that can make sparks fly! ~


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DNA Isolation and Thermochromism

  • Offered by: Krystal Grieger
  • Category: Biology

DNA Isolation and Thermochromism:  We will show you how to extract DNA and make color-changing valentines! You will be able to extract DNA from strawberries and then create a Valentine’s Day card using thermochromic (temperature sensitive - color changing) paper.

~ There is no DNA-ing that this booth will warm your heart! ~


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Know Your Blood Glucose

  • Offered by: Shrinidh Joshi
  • Category: Health Professions

Know Your Blood Glucose: We will explore the intricate science of researching diabetes! We will have demonstrations on what diabetes is and how the disease is measured through blood glucose levels. You will learn how to identify the signs of diabetes, recognize physical complications associated with the disease, and reduce the likelihood of late-onset diabetes.

~ The booth shows that monitoring your health is true love! ~ 


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Unraveling the Mystery of Spider Silk

  • Offered by: Pranothi Mulinti
  • Category: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Unraveling the Mystery of Spider Silk:  We will use spider silk for biomedical applications! We will use 3-D printers to print 3-D protein structures, and have a computer presentation on spinning spider silk, which will show how silk is extracted from spiders. There will also be a display of rat bone specimens and, perhaps, a live Tarantula (in a cage)!

~ This booth will weave a web of scientific love! ~


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Bees and Butterflies of North Dakota

  • Offered by: Chyna Pei
  • Category: Biology

Bees and Butterflies of North Dakota:  Pollinators are one of the hottest topics in ecological sciences! You will learn to identify butterflies and about their special relationships with flowers. Using dichotomous keys, you will also have hands-on experience identifying bees. Come get an inside look at the exciting careers of pollinator scientists!

~ The booth will ‘bee’ a great way to share the love of insects!


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Crop Domestication and Drones in Agriculture

  • Offered by: Amanda Peters
  • Category: Plant Science

Crop Domestication and Drones in Agriculture:  We will explain how crop species, such as corn, wheat, and potatoes, have changed over thousands of years as a result of selection and breeding methods! We will have some plant samples, along with a hands-on threshing demonstration for students to see how wheat changed from non-free-threshing to free-threshing. We will also describe how the current breeding technologies will change the foods we eat to manage global population increases.

~ This booth shows how to cultivate the sweetest change! ~


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Exploring the World of Microbes

  • Offered by: Morgan Petersen
  • Category: Microbiology

Exploring the World of Microbes: We will explore the world of microbes! You will get the chance to view a number of different microbial species from pond water using microscopes and observe how these organisms move and interact within their environment. You choose a species to place within the same community to observe the differences in their interactions.

~ This booth demonstrates microscopic supportive relationships! ~


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Exploring the Concepts of Topography in Augmented Reality


This booth won 1st place in the Best Booth voting of participants at the 2018 event.

  • Offered by: Zachary Phillips (Pictured)
  • Category: Hydrology

Exploring the Concepts of Topography in Augmented Reality:  We will use an augmented reality sand table to teach the concepts of topography, topographic maps, and basic hydrology! You will create your own topographies and digital rainfall! During this hands-on activity, pop-up questions will get you thinking about the effects of topography on rainfall-runoff and the benefits of using technology in scientific teaching and research.

~ This booth showers the love of science across a virtual landscape! ~


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Soil Science/Soil Fungi

  • Offered by: Elizabeth Sternhagen
  • Category: Soil Science

Soil Science/Soil Fungi: We will examine the magical world of soil! We will have demonstrations on soil horizons and below ground fungi.

~ This booth shows that Soil Scientists know all of the ‘dirt’ about Valentine’s Day! ~


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Cryptography: Exploring the World of Secure Communication

  • Offered by: Ali Rahim Taleqani
  • Category: Cryptography

Cryptography: Exploring the World of Secure Communication:  We will introduce you to cryptography techniques! We will use notable examples of encryption in history, which will highlight the path that has led to the use of calculation machines for code-making and code-breaking.

~ This booth helps decipher the science of communication! ~ 


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Public Health Outbreak Investigation


This booth won 2nd place in the Best Booth voting of participants at the 2018 event.

  • Offered by: Andee Weisbeck (Team lead), Weston Clark (pictured), Xiaozheng (Jessica) Yang, and Christina Nelson.
  • Category: Public Health

Public Health Outbreak Investigation:  We will demonstrate how diseases and bacteria can spread in an outbreak! We will show how physical distance affects the spread of germs. You will learn the importance of public health and how they work to keep people healthy.

~ This booth demonstrates that you should spread love, not germs! ~


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