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College Science Teaching
(STEM 810, formerly Biol 705/Educ 705)

Designed for graduate students interested in science teaching and student learning at the undergraduate level, this course asks (1) What do we know about learning, (2) How do we assess learning, and (3) How do we facilitate learning? Discussions of readings, observations and activities will help students develop (1) a robust, personal definition of teaching and learning, and (2) an understanding of what facilitates learning in science.

Instructors: Dr. Lisa Montplaisir, Dr. William Martin

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Curriculum and Assessment
(STEM 820, formerly STEM 704)

Designed for graduate students interested in evidenced-based undergraduate instruction in math and science. This course focuses on research on assessment and curricula designed to identify and address conceptual and reasoning difficulties of students in math and science. Students will explore relevant discipline-based education research literature, practice analyzing student-generated data, and design instruction and assessments.

Instructors: Dr. Jennifer Momsen, Dr. Mila Kryjevskaia
Recent course syllabus

Research Methods in STEM Education
(STEM 830, formerly STEM 706)

Designed for graduate students in the STEM Ed Ph.D. program but suitable for Master's and Ph.D.'s students in related fields seeking to improve their understanding of common methods employed by Discipline-based Education Researchers. We specifically aim to:

  • Develop skills for reading primary literature in STEM Education
  • Evaluate the methods employed within the research literature as they relate to the research questions posed by the studys investigators
  • Articulate your understanding of the course readings through written and oral argumentation
  • Pose a measurable research question and propose qualitative and quantitative methods that would be appropriate for providing evidence for that research question
  • Embed research questions within the context of the published literature and within their chosen theoretical framework
  • Present a professional-quality presentation for the class that demonstrates an understanding of methods appropriate for a novel research question

Instructor: Dr. Warren Christensen

Student Focused. Land Grant. Research University.

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