Eight Possible Goals in Charge from Provost

  1. Design a student-centered, intellectually exciting curriculum, focusing on what NDSU graduates will need to be well-rounded world citizens.
  2. Focus on student learning outcomes, not on credits in categories.
  3. Design a curriculum that integrates the learning outcomes for general education and for majors.
  4. Create a general education program to provide an integrated, coherent, and meaningful experience for students.
  5. Design an undergraduate curriculum with integrated assessment.
  6. Implement the recommendations of the UNIV 189 Task Force to develop a philosophy of NDSU’s First Year Experience, online teaching modules, and shared resources for faculty.
  7. Create an undergraduate curriculum aligned with NDSU’s mission and vision.
  8. Review current campus mechanisms for recommending possible changes to coordinate, evaluate, and revise the curriculum.

Provost R. Craig Schnell Memo of 08/17/2010

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