Committee Responsibilities as Approved by University Senate

Ad Hoc Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee

  1. Membership shall consist of one faculty member (preferably tenured) from each college (including University Studies), two students, one representative each from the University Assessment Committee, the Division of Student Affairs, and the NDSU Libraries. The Provost’s office will solicit nominations from the campus and members will be selected by the Provost in consultation with the team NDSU sent to the 2009 AACU General Education Institute.
  2. The committee will have two faculty co-chairs.
  3. The committee’s responsibilities will be to:
    1. Design and implement a process to promote campus-wide discussion and examination of the knowledge and skills our graduates should have when they complete their baccalaureate degrees.
    2. Engage in a comprehensive review of the learning outcomes of undergraduate curriculum to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities that graduates of NDSU should have.
    3. Examine whether the learning outcomes of the existing curriculum (including both general education and the major) ensure the desired outcomes.
    4. Examine current best practices nationally, relevant evidence about the performance of recent graduates, and models of recent curriculum revisions at peer institutions.
    5. Seek input and feedback from faculty, staff, students, employers, and alumni.
    6. Consult regularly with other appropriate University Senate Committees– Academic Affairs, Program Review, Assessment, and General Education.
    7. Based on the previous steps, propose appropriate revisions to the undergraduate curriculum (both face-to-face and distance education) to the campus and the University Senate.
  4. The committee will provide regular updates to meetings of the University Senate and will provide a yearly summary of its activities to the Senate.

Approved by University Senate 12/14/09

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