On-Campus Students

Fall 2017Fall 2018Fall 2019Fall 2020Fall 2021
NDSU Total Enrollment14,35813,79613,17312,84612,461
Full-Time Students11,76811,26910,65910,34710,024
Full-Time On-Campus Students
(No Distance and Continuing Education Enrollment)
% Enrolled Students Full-Time On-Campus81.96%79.90%78.68%78.10%78.49%
% Full-Time Students Enrolled On-Campus99.14%97.82%97.24%96.97%97.58%
First-Time, First-Year Students2,6332,2752,2182,3072,491
% First-Time, First-Year Students Living On Campus 96%95%94%89%**

Source: 4th Week Enrollment Reports, 9/21/2021.

** Data from Common Data Set, available November 2021.

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