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Workplace Readiness Bundle




Instructor: N/A

Grading: NA

Instruction Mode: Internet-Asynchronous

Academic Level: Non-Credit

NDSU DCE Recording Fee: $199

Course Description:

Bundle all the Workplace Readiness classes and learn the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace. Courses in the bundle include:

  • Workplace Readiness: Financial Literacy
  • Workplace Readiness: Creativity and Innovation
  • Workplace Readiness: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Workplace Readiness: Collaboration and Communication
  • Workplace Readiness: Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Workplace Readiness: Initiative and Self-Direction
  • Workplace Readiness: Social and Cross Cultural Skills
  • Workplace Readiness: Productivity and Accountability
  • Workplace Readiness: Leadership and Responsibility

Course Objectives:

The Workplace Readiness Bundle is mapped to the following course objectives:

  • Apply critical thinking, questioning, and problem-solving strategies for the workplace
  • Apply creativity skills and innovative thinking to the workplace
  • Explain ways to improve flexibility and adaptability and their value in the workplace
  • Describe effective workplace communication and collaboration techniques
  • Explain the principal elements of social and cross-cultural skills and how they are applied to the workplace
  • Describe the principal elements of initiative and self-direction and how those elements contribute to achieving goals for the workplace
  • Explain ways to optimize productivity and accountability in the workplace
  • Explain the qualities and responsibilities of an effective leader
  • Describe the principal elements of financial literacy

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