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ND Petroleum Council Teacher Ed 2017

EDUC 600

The Teacher Education Seminar expands participating teachers’ knowledge of the North Dakota oil and gas industry, from its prehistoric beginnings to the final product. The seminar covers various aspects of the industry including history, geology, physics, engineering, production issues, refining and marketing, employment needs, and the impact of oil tax on state tax revenues, policy decisions and the state’s budget surplus. Educators have numerous hands-on activities including oil rig, well site, and refinery tours.


  • Participating educators will gain a better understanding of the North Dakota oil and gas industry components.
  • Teachers will better understand all of the stages, work processes and the industry professionals that play a part in moving oil from the ground to the consumer.
  • They will develop a factual basis/background of the substantial cost and risk required to explore, produce and refine a barrel of oil.
  • Their gained understanding of the industry’s impact on North Dakota, paired with the knowledge of what skills companies are looking for in employees, will allow them to educate students on the possibility of a career in the oil and gas industry.
  • The educators’ hands-on experiences and completed activities will provide them a foundation for integrating similar activities into their classrooms.

Required Materials:

All materials will be provided.