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Bison Football Coaches Clinic 2019

HNES 2000

This clinic will provide participants an opportunity to receive expert information on fourteen specific areas related to NDSU football and each clinician’s football programs.  Each clinician presentation will cover his area of expertise with knowledge and participation skills.  Videos and player demonstrations will reinforce the techniques that are needed to perform these tasks.


  • To develop a knowledge base and skill level to perform football techniques at each area.
  • To participate with hands-on demonstrations.
  • To diagram football practice and game formations.
  • To develop team wholeness for season success.

"Loved getting a look at the Bison coaching staff and how they organize practice and run their drills and schemes."

"Selection of speakers was outstanding! Entire clinic was a great experience."

"Really enjoyed the culture content! I came back to my school really excited about building a system of intentionally directed culture in my program."

"Overall schedule of the clinic was exceptional. It was evident the NDSU football program had spent time, and invested resources in bringing in a variety of speakers."

"Very good clinic. I really enjoyed it and learned a great deal that I can use in my program."

"Everything was well organized and a lot of great information was provided."