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Course Descriptions

ND CTE Professional Development Conference 2019

EDUC 2000

The purpose of this professional development conference is to provide career and technical education teachers and administrators with information, resources, and instructional tools to be more effective educators. Attendees will gain skills in designing, implementing, and evaluating instructional programs for career and technical education students and assessing the level of learning achieved by those students.


Each participant will:

  • identify resources and techniques appropriate for use to improve or enhance the development, delivery, and/or assessment of instruction and learning for their students.
  • develop a plan for a technique, activity, or resource that they will implement during the upcoming school year.

"Great Conference - came out feeling empowered and ready for the school year!"

"Good positive and useful information."

"Appreciate the conference - lots of great ideas of classroom hands-on ideas to use with students. Great updated information featuring current research. Collaboration is a hugh benefit as one is able to meet with other educators to discuss practical ideas for the classroom. Keynote speaker was awesome; he shared valuable ideas about communication."

"Learned things that I will be able to use in my classroom for this year and future years down the road."

"The opportunity for fresh ideas and ways to implement strategies. The keynote speaker was effective in prompting me to continue to think about my teaching in ways that will inspire and engage this generation of learners."

"The information I received that I could apply to my teaching was valuable."

"I like that this course makes us look back and reflect on the conference as a whole. Often when we get sensory overload, we don't always stop and reflect, and I appreciate that this course gives me that."