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Classroom Management

EDUC 600

This course on Classroom Management covers basic skills and knowledge for creating a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction and effective communication among members of the learning community. This course offers ethics, attitudes, language patterns, values and behaviors and includes methods and strategies for consulting with other school professionals and parents.  This course combines a humanistic management approach to provide teachers with the best current thinking on effective classroom management.


After completing this course students will be able to:

  • Describe theories of human behavior and how they apply to classroom management practices.
  • Design a method for substitute teachers to maintain control in every classroom
  • Describe the ethical and legal aspects of school wide discipline.
  • Explain how to develop trusting relationships with students and parents and family members.
  • Develop a plan for teaching classroom rules and consequences.
  • Know how to use Glasser’s 7 step problem solving process.
  • Describe the four stages of group process relationships.
  • Implement strategies for anger management in the classroom.