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Course Descriptions

ND Council for Exceptional Children (NDCEC) Annual Conference 2019

EDUC 2000

Participants will learn how to foster resilience in themselves as professionals as well as how to teach and build resiliency skills in students, especially those who struggle academically and behaviorally.


Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of various state professional resources, organizations & publications.

  2. Identify and discuss topics of current interest to Special Educators.

  3. Discuss trends and issues in child, youth and adult related services.

  4. Explore and evaluate resources pertinent to current trends & issues in Special Education.

  5. Identify professionals, organizations and resources, which will allow them to continue being  active in the field of special education

"The presenters were very energetic and easy to listen to and kept the participants engaged."

"This was a great course."

"I enjoyed all of the learning sessions. They were all informational"