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Research Methods

EDUC 2000

This course will explain the difference between search engines and library databases. It will teach how to properly search the databases for the most relevant information. Not only will the student learn how to do proper research but they will learn the best way to find and use Creative Commons and Open Education Resources in their research and lesson plans.


  1. Learn how to find, evaluate, and use information for academic research, professional development, and decision making.
  2. Learn effective searching and evaluation techniques for internet resources and various educational subscription databases.
  3. Learn how to incorporate educational resources into classroom instruction and student assignments.
  4. Learn how to access Open Education Resources, use Creative Commons, and increase Digital Literacy.

"A wealth of resources were provided for students and teachers to conduct research."

"I learned about resources that I did not know were available - I feel that I can help my students better with research and will be more apt to have them do it."

"The instructor did a wonderful job. The teachers attending hit the ground running and she did not disappoint!"

"I valued learning how to navigate the deep web and bring it to my classroom."

"It completely opened my eyes to myriad resources available to me not only to enhance instruction as an English teacher, but for my personal growth as well!"

"I had no idea all of the databases were available. It was interesting as a teacher to learn how to access all of the information. I appreciated Angela's knowledge and passion and took the time to break down each individual database so we could learn how to navigate through them properly."