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Metro Tech Camp 2019

EDUC 2000

Metro Tech Camp is a place where educators come together to learn from and with each other. Participants choose from a variety of sessions to learn about electronic tools and resources, and strategies for using technology to achieve content and 21st Century Standards.


1. Experiment with and share new and existing educational technology.
2. Identify electronic tools and resources that will improve efficiency and/or classroom learning.
3. Network and share ideas with K12 teachers and administrators.

Required Student Resources:

Electronic device and wireless internet access

"Very well organized and the workshops are so informative!"

"I always love Metro Tech Camp and how much variety there is in the presentations. I always learn something new from it."

"What a gold mine! So much opportunity to learn about what technology is available with ideas on how to use it!"

"Love the variety and relevance of the choices, very in sync with educational needs and progression of expectations today."

"I was able to get valuable information to implement in my classroom."

"Course was excellent, I liked the flexibility and more importantly all the wonderful and applicable ideas/concepts/usage I could take away from every single session I attended."

"Tech Camp was a great experience for me as a principal and helped me find information for my teachers."