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Technology in the Classroom, Part 1

HNES 2000

This course will introduce classroom teachers to a variety of electronic and digital technology that can be implemented in the teaching/learning process as well as used to engage 21st Century students in the classroom.  This course will also allow teachers the time necessary to reach a high degree of competence to and develop self-efficacy in these various technology platforms. Finally, this course will provide teachers an opportunity to begin to implement these technologies into their respective course curricula. 


  1. The students will be able to explain the research and rationale for incorporating various technologies in the classroom.
  2. The students will be able to demonstrate competency in a variety technology platforms used in the classroom.
  3. The students will be able to utilize a variety of technology platforms to help increase student engagement as well as modify certain class assignments by integrating technologies.

Required Materials/Text:

1. Access to a computer, Google account (some school G suites may not work) and Internet.

2. Text: None.  Materials will be disseminated electronically. 

"I learned a lot of different technology platforms that I can use with students and parents."

"I really enjoyed using Google Classroom, in particular on the student side - as it let me see and learn how my students use Google Classroom."

"I loved trying out all the different types of technology. I will be using Jing and the QR code a lot this year."

"The host of new resources I was able to experience and accumulate is very valuable."

"The projects completed throughout the course will be used in my classroom."