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The Power of Grit

HNES 2000

This course is intended to increase your awareness and understanding of the importance of grit as it relates to success.


  1. Students will identify and discuss the meaning of grit in relation to success in physical education and sport settings.
  2. Students will gain an understanding of grit and its importance to their future.
  3. Students will understand “growth mindset”, “self-efficacy”, “learned optimism” and “personal control”.
  4. Students will recognize when to take calcuated risks.
  5. Students will know how to be cognitively flexible, promoting openness to new ideas and creative thinking.
  6. Students will apply grit competencies at work by intergrating these concepts into a personal reflection paper.

Required Text:

Duckworth, A.  (2016) Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.  Simon & Schuster, NY.

"Dr. Strand did an excellent job of facilitating the discussions online. One of the better classes I have taken."

"I learned a lot about myself and how I might better teach."

"The book was excellent. There was alot of material in it that were useful. I enjoyed the online discussions also."

"I appreciated the example and outline for how to write the commentary papers.  If I had questions, Professor Strand was great about clarifying via email or during Huddle discussions."

"It was one of the few courses in leadership/mental toughness/sports psychology that I have found in over 25 years of teaching."

"Valuable discussions regarding a book that will help me to improve my teaching & coaching."

"Dr. Strand is very good at what he does - enjoyed this class."

"I've gained a new perspective on my students behavior."

"Dr. Strand is always accommodating and creates opportunities for great discussions. He has a great passion for what he is teaching and it shows during or instructional or huddle discussions."

"I believe that this course has helped understand what some of my students are going through and with that knowledge, I can approach them from a different angle."