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Nurtured Heart Approach II

EDUC 2000

This course will use a combination of lecture and interactive experiences designed to notch up and fine tune the participants use of the Nurtured Heart Approach®.  Students will share and examine their personal use of the approach as well as develop a deeper understanding of the three stands and the reset.  Other topics in the presentation will include the use of empathy, the impact of positive and negative energy on the brain, and ways to incorporate the approach within various everyday life into improved relationships.


The goals of this course is to:

  1. Review and deepen the students’ understanding of the crucial concepts and strategies of the Nurtured Heart Approach empowering them to apply the approach in more intense situations.
  2. Examine the three stands and learn to determine which stand is the most appropriate for the situation.
  3. Explore the concepts of empathy and dignity and practice using them with real life scenarios. 
  4. Examine the impact of positive/negative energy on the brain.
  5. Reflect on the choice of being a victim or a hero.
  6. Explore more options for resetting.


  1. The educator will understand that a child’s behavior can be changed by noticing and creating successes for the child even in intense situations.  A strong positive reaction to desired behavior as well as a neutral reaction to unwanted behavior will foster a change in the child’s attitude and actions.  Respecting the dignity of the child will enhance their sense of self.
  2. The educator will gain increased awareness of his/her own approach and beliefs regarding behavior change focusing on the three stands and the reset.
  3. Participants will discuss the concepts of empathy and dignity and how they relate to desired behavior.  They will gain insights regarding the crucial role empathy and dignity plays in relationships as well as in solving conflicts.
  4. Participants will gain further understanding regarding the effect of negative/positive energy on the brain.
  5. Participants will learn to be strength based in their response to various life situations.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Through reading, class discussion, practical application, role playing and journaling, students will:

  • Demonstrate their knowledge of the crucial premises of The Nurtured Heart Approach.
  • Understand the value of empathy and dignity and how an awareness of it will aid in fostering success and self –worth thus empowering people to reach their true potential.
  • Enhance the skills related to using The Nurtured Heart Approach especially deepening their knowledge regarding the three stands and the reset.
  • Gain an understanding of the impact of positive and negative energy on the brain.
  • Reflect on the tendency toward being a victim or a hero.
  • Practice using the approach on self and other adults.

"Instructor was well prepared, down-to-earth, knowledgeable on the topic and truly cared about children and those adults who impact them. This class was very interactive!"

"Multiple types of presentation and participation made the class fly by; very informative with readily usable techniques; I'd recommend this class for any educational professional."

"Instructor is wonderful and information is a great refresher before the start of the school year."

"Instructor did an excellent job preparing and delivering this workshop. It was challenging and it will be a boost for my teaching as I begin the school year."

"I would definitely take another class from this instructor."