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Children’s Literature/Graphic, Gr 3-8

EDUC 2000

This course will cover graphic novels (comics) and will be targeted at instructors in grades 3 - 8. Individuals enrolled in the program will read a wide range of graphic novels covering biographies, nonfiction, and fantasy. Throughout the course, students will also study the history of comics, how they interact with the brain, and why they are so appealing to reluctant readers. The assignments will allow participants to reflect on what they learn about graphic novels, draw correlations to what they are doing in the classroom, and reflect on past experiences. Students will engage in online conversation weekly with other participants.


Throughout the course participants will

  • Read and critique books to gain a greater knowledge of literature, draw parallels between the literature and historical events, draw from personal experience, critique and compare graphic novels in terms of quality and content.
  • Complete online assessments.
  • Engage in weekly discussions regarding the books.
  • Complete 4 graphic novels.

Required Materials:

You will be able to locate the following texts at school and public libraries, local bookstores, and online.

  • “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud ISBN (978-0060976255)
  • “Amulet” by Kazu Kibuishi ISBN (978-0439846813)
  • “Roller Girl” by Victoria Jamieson ISBN (978-0803740167)
  • “Primates” by Jim Ottaviani and Maris Wick ISBN (978-1250062932)

"It is always a good idea to read more books and it was fun to collaborate with other teachers and read what they thought of the books."

"I found the content enjoyable and valuable."

"Learning more about graphic novels and bringing that information back into the classroom was valuable."

"The weekly reflection and discussion was valuable."