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Children’s Literature/Elem, Gr K-4

EDUC 2000

This course will cover early chapter books and will be targeted at professionals working at the elementary grade level (K-4). Individuals enrolled in the program will read a wide range of early chapter books including fantasy, realistic fiction, graphic novels, and humorous content. Throughout the course, participants will be encouraged to draw from experience, think critically about what they are reading, and design ways to use the literature within their classroom as well as engage online weekly with other students.


Throughout the course participants will:

  • Read and critique books to gain a greater knowledge of early chapter books that will engage younger and less skilled readers.
  • Complete online assessments.
  • Engage in discussions regarding the books.
  • Complete four early chapter books independently.

Required Materials:

You will be able to locate the following texts at school and public libraries, local bookstores, and online:

  • Rise of the Earth Dragon” by Tracey West ISBN (0545646243)
  • Harriet the Invincible” by Ursula Vernon ISBN (9780545913423)
  • Kiki” by Kyla May ISBN (9780545496131)
  • Hilda and the Troll” by Luke Pearson ISBN (9781909263147)

"I thought the assignments were very worthwhile for this subject matter, especially the discussions boards. It was great to trade ideas and perspectives on the books with other teachers. I am always open to hearing what other teachers like, what their students respond to, what works and what doesn't work in the classroom. This was the perfect format for the course."

"This course made me more aware of the significance of illustrations in children's books."

"I feel the most valuable parts of the course were the children's books we read, and the discussion board. I felt writing the paper helped me solidify what I wanted to say. This was a fun and very practical course."

"Enjoyed reading new books that I can use in my classroom."

"The objectives of this course were clear; to read newly-published children's literature, to discuss with other educators the books and how one might use them in a classroom setting."

"I feel the work-load was reasonable, the subject matter engaging. The instructor responded very quickly to emails, and always had a solution. This was my first time using Blackboard, but it was easy to use."