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NDGA Summer Institute 2019 {Geographic Inquiry}

EDUC 2000

This active learning course is for teachers of geography or those teaching courses with geographic content at any grade level. The 3-day program will focus on the use of the precious resources of North Dakota and how the people who live there have adapted them to fill their needs. This class will have emphasis on field trips and outdoors activities. It will also include hands-on instruction in data collection methods, including a session on how to get started collecting and integrating Geo-Inquiry into classroom lessons. Another area covered will be the new and easy-to-use GIS tools available to enhance learning in social science courses. Two credits ($50 per credit) and a $100 class fee. Register online at http://www.ndgeographic.org. For more information, contact Toni Schwartz-Johnson at 701-858-4490.


Teachers will learn about the Geo-Inquiry process that is being promoted by National Geographic Education through a variety of presentations, field trips, discussion, and hands-on activities, as well as ways they could apply knowledge and skills gained to their own curricula.

  • Based on geographic content and field experiences, teachers will reflect in a journal on what they experienced and how they can incorporate it into what they teach (geo-inquiry);
  • Teachers will learn about the unique history of the Badlands of North Dakota (photo journal);
  • Teachers will learn about the history and status of the oil industry in southwest North Dakota;
  • Teachers will tour the Theodore Roosevelt National Park to learn about the importance of National Parks in America.

"I enjoyed this course very much!"

"The passion of the instructor(s) was evident and made each learning experience enjoyable."

"I enjoyed learning about and being reminded of many historical places and people."

"Materials/resources I can use with my students was valuable."

"Loved learning about the inquiry method and how it can be applied to the geography of an area, the resources, the animals, people, etc."

"I loved how the ND Geographic Alliance arranges their classes to include direct field studies, experts from a variety of topics, networking with fellow educators. NDGA is a topnotice organization."

"The educational experience we received when we were able to go out and explore and when we visited the oil drill."

Required Materials:

Pencils, paper, good water resistant walking shoes

Suggested Materials:

Water bottle, sunscreen, insect repellant