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Educator Innovation Lab

EDUC 2000

The Educator Innovation Lab is a class in which teachers can get credit for engaging in action research to create meaningful change for themselves and their students.  This is the ultimate in personalized professional development.

STEP 1: Attend an in-person Educator Innovation Lab Inspiration Workshop to identify an area for growth/change and create an action research plan.

STEP 2: Choose your own adventure: use a variety of webinars and collaborative workshops, read articles, go on classroom visits to research your challenge.  Then test ideas and play with possible solutions. Brainstorm with other educators to further flesh out your plan.

             STEP 3: Create your new lesson, unit, or course plan.

             STEP 4: Implement & Reflect.


Teachers will:

  • gain inspiration from other educators and through hands-on collaborative activities.
  • identify challenges that impede or limit student success and target those areas for action research. 
  • explore and synthesize ideas from a variety of sources for personal improvement to help aid student success.
  • design/redesign a unit, lesson, or course based on their action-research focus.
  • support each other by providing feedback to help make each other’s ideas even better.

Required Student Resources:

  • Attend an Inspiration Workshop
  • Computer
  • Reliable Wifi connection